Hi, I'm
E. Berke Karagöz.

I made this boilerplate while developing my personal website.

Amazing developer experience.
Safety and tight integration with your editor.
Tailwind CSS
A rapid and utility-first CSS framework.
Internationalization framework for Next.js which uses react-i18next under the hood.
Jest and React Testing Library
Generic testing tools.

atomic design
Methodology for creating design systems.

Error Page Template
404 and 500 error pages do exist as a sample.
Height Breakpoints and Media Queries
xsh, smh, mdh, lgh, xlh.
Import Path Aliases
@/components, @/lib, @/styles...

Recommended VSCode Extensions
Headwind, Auto Rename Tag and Prettier.
CNA Samples
You can check out modified Create Next App welcome pages as small examples.
Check the snippets under .vscode.
Consider handling motion and color scheme preferences.
Try to use text-direction sensitive properties.
Use Emmet.